LogisticsCentre III Distribution Center
Summary of Building Specifications


Land Area

  • 35± Acres on Lot E of the KCI Intermodal BusinessCentre, Kansas City, MO

Building Type

  • LogisticsCentre III (“LCIII”) is designed as a multi-tenant, cross-dock, modern bulk warehouse / distribution center that incorporates sustainable design and construction features.

Column Spacing

  • 52′ x 50′ (typical) with 52’ x 60’ at the perimeter bays along the dock loading walls.
  • Columns are structural steel tubes 10” x 10” x ¼”.

Clear Height

  • 36′ minimum clear height from the finished floor to the lowest structural member of the roof frame, except at the perimeter bays along the loading dock walls.
  • The ceiling deck is painted white.

Roof System

  • Single-ply, mechanically fastened, 45-mil white TPO roof membrane with R-17.2 insulation including 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Floor Slab

  • 7″ thick, reinforced concrete floor slab over a 4″ crushed stone base with compressive strength of 4,000 psi in (28) days finished to a specified overall value FF 50/FL 35 and a minimum local value FF 35/FL 24.
  • Saw-cut joints within the 60’ loading dock bays are caulked with MM-80 joint sealant.
  • In order to minimize moisture transfer from the subgrade a 15-mil vapor barrier has been installed under the entire building floor slab.
  • Curing, sealing and hardening compound used for interior warehouse floor is Ashford Formula at initial application followed by a second “Spiff Coat” of Ashford Formula at building completion.


  • (113) dock positions (1:5,000± SF) with 9’ wide x 10’ high manually operated doors.
  • The base shell building includes (20) docks with the dock equipment package described below.
  • Additional docks can be equipped with dock equipment via the TI Allowance. (4) 12’ wide x 14’ high drive-in doors, one at each corner, with electric operators.

Dock Equipment

  • The base building dock equipment package includes a 45,000# capacity 7’ x 8’ mechanical leveler, rigid frame dock shelter, dock bumpers and Z-guards.
  • Light packages, dock-locks and other upgrades are available via the TI Allowance.

Trailer Storage

  • LC3 offers (138) 12’ wide x 60’ deep x 7” thick, non-reinforced concrete paved trailer parking positions (1:4,000± SF).
  • Trailer parking areas include a 15’ wide continuous concrete dolly pad.

Loading Apron and Truck Drive Lanes

  • 7” thick, non-reinforced concrete pavement over 6” crushed stone base.
  • Loading apron extending 70’ from the building loading walls.
  • Concrete drive lanes are 60’ wide.

Exterior Walls

  • The building walls are painted concrete tilt-wall panels with clerestory windows for natural light.
  • The interior sides of the walls are painted white.


  • All windows are 1″ thick insulated tinted glass.

Fire Sprinklers

  • Equipped with an ESFR wet sprinkler system with an 8” underground fire loop and four 8” lead-ins,an electric fire pump and K-17 heads capable of 16.8 GPM/PSI flow.
  • The ESFR system has been designed in accordance with NFPA 13 chapters 14 and 15 requirements.
  • As such it is designed to protect Class IV commodities which includes Group B and C plastics and some Group A plastics.
  • Quantities of such materials will depend on method of storage (palletized, high pile, bulk) and final product type being stored.
  • The system was designed to accommodate modifications to allow for in-rack and higher zone densities if required by tenants.



  • LCIII offers (317) car parking spaces provided for use by tenant(s) on a pro-rata basis.
  • Additional car parking is available via the TI Allowance.

Interior Lighting

  • LED light fixtures with motion sensors, 10’ tail whips providing average 25-foot-candles
    of light at 36” above the finished floor in the warehouse area.

Warehouse HVAC

  • Wall-mounted, make-up air units designed to provide 49° F inside temperature at 0° F outside temperature with programmable control system.
  • Ventilation fans in conjunction with louvered intakes provide summer ventilation rates up to 1.5 air exchanges per hour.


  • The house panel is 277/480-volt, 600-amp, 3-phase, 4-wire service.
  • Upgrades to the electrical service are available via the TI Allowance. KCP&L is the service provider.


  • Natural gas lines at 5 psig serve the building with separate meters to the individual tenant suites from a common manifold.
  • Laclede Gas (formerly MGE) is the service provider.


  • A 16” city water main at the street is reduced to 8” for the fire service loop.
  • A 2” line is provided for domestic water service to the individual tenant suites.
  • KCMO is the service provider.

Telecom / Internet /Cable

  • 100-pair telecom/fiber is available at the demarcation panel inside the building’s sprinkler/utility room.
  • AT&T is the service provider for telecom (telephone and data).
  • Fiber optic service is available for an additional charge to AT&T.
  • Internet and cable service is available from various service providers as selected by tenants in the park.

Other Improvements

  • Guard house, fencing, other security features, forklift charging stations and other
  • Tenant Improvements are available as may be required via the TI Allowance.